Kenu Spices

Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum

Ceylon Cinnamon, renowned worldwide as the only ‘real cinnamon’ is still prepared using traditional methods that have remained unchanged for uncounted centuries. Sun dried and carefully milled in to a fine powder, pure Ceylon cinnamon powder adds an enticing aroma and a delicate, tempting ‘taste of the tropics’ to many of your favorite recipes. We at KENU SPICES the cinnamon sticks are grinded into a fine powder in an air cooled grinding machine which ensures more of the flavor and oils are preserved.

Pure Ceylon cinnamon powder is perfect to add into tea, coffee, fruits, cocktails and baked goods. Maybe sprinkle a little on sliced apples, orange or watermelon. But it comes into its own in hot pancakes or Cinnamon French toast as the heat releases the aroma into the air and waters your mouth.